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Are you ready to pack your salon full of loyal customers? Are you ready to discover what it takes to drive your revenues up to a whole new level? Are you ready to connect with like-minded, ambitious salon owners? Then you need to be at our Super Salon Success Summit at David Game College, 31 Jewry St, London, EC3N 2ET in central London.

It’s been 2 years since we’ve been able to come together live-and-in-person to share trade secrets on salon success. As the first ever 5 Star Digital Training Academy in the world, as awarded by the Good Training Guide, we’ve already helped over 1000 salon owners just like you boost their profits AND free up their time to work ON the business instead of IN it.

Why bother coming? Because we've got the solutions
you've been looking for....

Are you short on time?

We won't waste a minute of it. We'll pack everything you need to know into 2 bumper days.

Are you tired of 'all style no substance' promises from so-called 'marketing gurus'?

So are we. We'll provide practical, actionable information developed by salon business owners for salon business owners

Are you rightly unwilling to waste your hard-earned cash on stuff you can find on Google?

We hear you. We'll offer in-depth knowledge from experts in the trenches, from people who have been in your position and know the way out and up.

Are you fed up with business seminars where it's all about promoting themselves and their products?

We get it. We're not here to promote ourselves, we're here to promote your business through our interactive seminars and opportunities for networking.

What you will discover

We will focus on the 5 core themes to take you forward through 2022 and beyond, which will safeguard your business and protect it from this economic situation but most importantly for you, will ensure you thrive and profit beyond what you may believe possible. The entire focus of Super Salon Success Summit is for you to increase your profits in the year ahead by a minimum 100%.

Join us on Sunday April 3rd and Monday April 4th 2022 and we’ll explore these 5 powerful Super Salon Success Summit themes:


More clients

As you are well aware, customer flow is the lifeblood of your business. Over 13 years, I have perfected the UK’s most successful system for bringing a constant flow of customers into your salon.

But the rules have changed and what worked 2 or 3 years ago often no longer does. So what’s required is a complete upgrade in your customer attraction approach. At the Super Salon Success Summit, my guest speakers and I will show you a multi-step process for bringing all the customers you need into your salon. This alone will add tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds to your revenue. This isn’t just talk. It’s tried, tested and proven.


Ten years ago when I turned my own salon around I had to move to a salon double the size to accommodate over 2000 new clients. How I did this is more relevant today than it ever has been in the past 10 years.

Seamus McCrory from McCrory Hair in Manchester took over £750,000 in new client value implementing my strategies over 6 months.

Annie Franklin from Prestige Hair Salon took £240,240 in new client value in just 9 months.

I’m going to share these strategies with you at our Super Salon Summit.


Untapped Social Media Strategies

The UK’s most successful salon owners — the ones who have more clients than they can deal with — are all masters of social media.

Social media used to be an option. Now it’s an absolute must. You are no doubt aware of the power that Facebook has in the salon business. Yet so few people are using it properly, let alone using other, untapped social platforms where you can find high-paying, professional clients with barely any competition.


At the Super Salon Success Summit, I’ll show you the master strategies of the 6- and 7-figure social media salon owners. I’m going to show you how to build a loyal following of raving fans on Facebook and LinkedIn, how to keep in touch with them and how to turn those followers into paying clients. Your 2 days with me at the Super Salon Success Summit will make you a champion of social media.


Pricing for profits

I can predict with almost 100% certainty that you are not charging enough. One of the problems with the pandemic is that people, out of fear, have felt the need to keep their prices suppressed. You can’t run a highly successful salon if you are battling it out with the competition on price. You need to be the salon where people are not only aware that you charge premium prices but they are happy and delighted to pay those prices AND you only attract the clients who are happy to do so.


It’s time for you to charge the prices you deserve and this is within your reach BUT you’ve got to do it properly. At the Super Salon Success Summit, I’m going to show you the NEW model for premium pricing in the salon industry. By the end of the 2 days you will never think about pricing in the same way again and you will never again charge less than you deserve. I’ll even share with you how you can turn £12.95 into £5,804 and how to add an extra 6 figures to your revenue. Taking it up another level, marketing genius Chris Cardell will show you how to DOUBLE your profits in under a year.


Mindset mastery

If the last 2 years have shown us anything, it’s the vital importance of your mindset when it comes to running a successful business.The work-life balance is a complete myth. You cannot run a successful business if your life is chaotic and you cannot run a fulfilling life if you’re struggling in business. What we really want to achieve is work-life integration. To do that you need to master your mind, master your thinking and run your mind as effectively as you run your business. It’s not whether you go through challenges in business, as we’ve seen through the pandemic, it’s how you respond and how you deal with them.


I have been personally coached by John Assaraf from the film and book, The Secret, for many years, learning how to master my mindset for insane business success. This knowledge has cost me 6 figures to learn and helped me build a 7-figure net worth. At the Super Salon Success Summit, I will share the 5 game-changing Mindset Keys that I have used to win over 150 awards for my salon, including 3 British Hairdressing Awards in 2021 — the first time a Scottish Salon has ever achieved this. Not only that, I was crowned the first-ever Most Wanted Business Thinker Legend in 2021. I put this down to the 5 Mindset Keys I have learnt and that you will too so you can attract the greatest business success you have ever experienced.


The automated salon

What does success really mean in the salon business? Part of it is income and profits but part of it is also the lifestyle you have and the type of business you’re running and growing. If you’re tearing around pulling your hair out while cutting others and your salon is totally dependent on you, you do not have a highly successful business and you do not yet have financial freedom.

I’m going to show you how to run a salon on automatic pilot. How to get results that are even better than what you’re currently getting without it all being dependent on you. So you can dip in and out of the business as you desire.


I have personally been off my salon floor for almost 9 years, now only doing private clients as and when I wish, so I have complete control. I have just been asked to be a billionaire’s private family hairdresser. My salon runs like a well-oiled, cash-generating machine without me and yours can too. I’ve helped numerous salons either work less on the tools or get them off completely, such as Lisa Phillips of award-winning Ora Hair who is now 100% OFF the tools and bringing in 6 figures and Annie Franklin from Prestige is off the floor 70% of the time and now has the time to pursue her dream of becoming a Salon Jedi Mindset Coach.

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Special guests: Industry Legends and
Global Marketing Experts


Caroline is the Director of multi-award winning Ego Hair Design and her Salon Jedi Coaching Academy. Also known as ‘The Salon Jedi’ is a master at transforming not only salon results but salon owners themselves. She has some of the best salon success stories from the salons she coaches which she puts down to the mindset training she delivers. She is trained in NLP (neurolinguistics programming) and is featured in New York Times best-selling author John Assaraf’s new book Innercise as a super successful case study. Marketing is also a huge part of Caroline’s expertise. She is coached by the best marketing minds in the world and is known for her Facebook Ads Strategies turning £5 adverts into thousands of Pounds worth of bookings, skills which she, in turn, shares with her Salon Jedi delegates.

Deenita Pattni

Deenita is a multi-award winning international trainer, mentor, speaker, TEDx speaker, speaker coach and #1 best-selling author, dubbed 'The LinkedIn Queen’ by her clients. She has spoken globally and shared the stage with the likes of Steven Bartlett (Dragon's Den), Tom Breeze, Rob Moore, Andy Harrington, Lewis Howes, Carrie Green, Nick James and Matt Wilson. She is also the founder of Viamii Business Academy, a training academy designed to help business entrepreneurs and professionals discover how to be seen as and become the authority and preferred expert in their industry. Through The Linkedin™ Lab, she has gone on to help business owners utilise LinkedIn to 'position, promote and profit' with the end result being 5- and 6-figure boosts in her client's revenue without wasting thousands of Pounds on marketing.

Hooker and Young

As one of the most successful partnerships ever seen in British Hairdressing, Gary Hooker and Michael Young are the co-founders of the multi-award winning salon group Hooker & Young. With four salons across the Northeast of England, their brand is synonymous with style and they pride themselves in offering the very best in hairdressing services to their loyal clientele. Numerous business award wins — British Colour Technician Of The Year, Men’s Hairdresser Of The Year and North Eastern Hairdresser Of The Year (12 times) — confirm their credibility and dedication in delivering the highest standards of customer care within their stylish salon environments.

Chris Cardell

Chris Cardell is a world renowned leader on online marketing. For over 2 decades he’s helped business owners across the UK achieve dramatic results in their business. He’s been featured on the BBC, ITV, News at Ten, Sunday Times, Daily Mail and Sky News. He’s the author of the bestselling book, 77 Ways to Get More Customers.

Carla Zebrowski

Carla is the MD of a multi-award-winning hair salon, Ego Hair Design, and is also a 6-figure salon coach. With over 14 years' experience as Front of House, she has personally helped add over £1 million in extra revenue to her salon and has won 10 awards and nominations as a salon MD and Front of House and Managing Director. When she isn't empowering salon owners to turn their businesses into multi-million pound enterprises, she's a busy single mum of two, as well as an international speaker and Amazon best-selling author.

Matt Wilson

Matt is one of the top digital marketing experts in the UK, a global speaker on digital marketing and CEO of a leading marketing agency, Einstein Marketer, which helps businesses strategise, build and scale profitable marketing campaigns using paid media, such as Facebook and YouTube Ads. With over a decade of experience, he now also provides energetic, easy-to-follow marketing training for small businesses which breaks down complicated marketing lingo and arms businesses with the weapons they need to generate more leads, more sales and compete in today's market.

Jamie Stevens

Jamie is an award-winning hairdresser, salon owner and celebrity favourite with an established and well-deserved reputation as one of the nation’s most successful and talented hairstylists. Former Fellowship Hairdresser of the Year, Jamie holds awards for both men’s and women’s hair, and is an authority on all elements of grooming and styling with a regular press and TV presence on shows such as Lorraine. Jamie’s team are former Grand Final winners of the L’Oreal Colour Trophy, and he has his own range of men’s products, MR.

Joanna Howes

Joanna Howes is an award winning international coach, behavioural expert, and No 1 best selling international co-author, specialising in leadership and performance coaching. Her focus is to help individuals and teams find their unique voice and essential mindset, so they can maximise their influence and be future-ready leaders. Joanna is a unique phenomenon within her industry, with over 20 years’ experience working internationally with some of the world's most awarded advertising agencies and leading them to operational and leadership success.

Robert Eaton

Voted ‘Hairdresser of the Year’ in 2021 by the British Hairdressing Awards, Robert Eaton is a multi-award-winning stylist and the Creative Director at both Russell Eaton salons. Widely known within the industry as a true colour expert, there isn’t much Robert doesn’t know about hair and styling. He is also a fully qualified trichologist, one of very few in the North of England. Robert is the European Brand Ambassador for electrical hair styling brand, Hot Tools. This role sees him leading the brand creatively whilst working on new product concepts.



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If by 3pm on the first day of the event, you don’t feel that Super Salon Success Summit is going to be worth at least £10,000, you can tell us, leave the event and we’ll refund your payment in full, no questions asked.

This is your guarantee that you can make money by attending the Super Salon Success Summit. The only way you miss out is if we get fully booked before you reserve your place. So please book your place now here:


Salon Jedi academy

The woman behind Salon Jedi Academy is successful salon owner and salon business and mindset coach, Caroline Sanderson. Also known as 'The Salon Jedi', she took her salon, Ego Hair Design from the brink of failure after the 2008 recession to become an undeniable success, with a 5* rating from the Good Salon Guide, multiple awards to its name and importantly huge profits.

Today Ego Hair Design continues to pull in customers and revenue without Caroline needing to be there day in, day out. It’s a well-oiled operation and that’s what Salon Jedi Academy can do for you — give you the skills to turn your salon into a profit-making machine, whether you’re just starting out or are already well-established.

What’s more, Salon Jedi Academy courses are CPD accredited by the world’s CPD Accreditation Service, so you can put your trust in the quality of training you’ll receive.

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